A further production from the house of Abyss Records saw in October 2012 the light of the day. I am talking about the Swedish band DAEMONICUS who want to to take their cd “Deadwork” under the Metal folks.

What does my Metal ears hear here? Swedish Old School Melodic Metal. Compact, partially halting melodic riffs cohere with Death Metal sound frameworks. These vary from mid tempo through to the upper mid tempo area. Thus the songs receive a lot of energy and animation. Energetic and going forwards it goes at “Deadwork” flat out! Powerful doubleblast drumming reinforces this impression. Supported by distinctive growls develops here genuine Swedish Death Metal with no ifs, no buts. The listener gets a litle bit time to be a biteasy on his neck muscles by the variable use of tempi (For example at the song “The Hymn Of Ubo Sathla”) in order to continue headbanging with highspeed the next moment. Recorded technically adept you realize here that it concerns at DAEMONICUS of no novices. DAEMONICUS manage it to carry the Old School Death Metal sound of the 90-ies into the year 2012 and to sound as well fresh and not outdated. Thereby they develop a familiar sound which nevertheless owns sufficient independence not to end up as plagianism. I can only recommend DAEMONICUS!!! Buy “Deadwork”. It’s worth it!!!!

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