Prime Cuts Music – 2009 – Australia

The split we started with Cuntscrape sounds like it will be funny enough 🙂 Cuntscrape is an amusing grindcore band with the lyrics of gore, sex, porn and the sounds in the songs. They aren’t so good, but they are amusing. To tell the other words, you wish them to come for a concert but before show, drink something with them and send them to stage… They seem to be a convert band. Album’s first 11 songs are Cuntscrape songs, but all of them last for 1 or 2 minutes.

DeathFuckingCunt is a heavy band, you expect grindcore but they appear with grindcore plus brutal death metal. Looking to the lyrics, this band have sex and gore theme, as you can see from “” song 🙂

Musically I can’t feel joy but amusing, funny split. I liked it, fans of the style may like it too.


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