CUCKOO’S NEST – ” Dark Shades Of Lunacy “

Swampkult Productions – 2013 – Ukranie

Recently a production of the label Swampkult Productions fell into my hands. There is talk of the Ukrainian band CUCKOO’S NEST who released this year their debut cd “Dark Shades Of Lunacy“.
The listener knows here from the first minute where the musical journey will lead us to. You can hear Depressive Metal tones. Very dark and extremely emotional showcased you can’t escape from the loneliness, depression and also the neverending hate which the production contains within itself. The changes in speed now and then actually reinforce the hopelessness. Vocalist and bassist Oleg “Satana“ Maliy screams his mind to the heavens and seems to contain the hate of the entire world within himself. Isolation and no escape implemented in notes. Any melodic solis inserted now and then also doesn’t help. The all in all nine songs all move in the mid tempo area. Very dedicated recorded I can only recommend “Dark Shades Of Lunacy“ to any Depressive Black Metal fan!!!!


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