CSEJTHE ”Transcendance”

Morbid Winter Records – 2010 – Canada

Canadian black metal band formed in 2006, Csejthe have one split, one album and one demo. And an EP they’ve published this year. This EP called Transcendance consists of 4 songs. After I listened to the first song, I thought if the other songs are as good as this one. And I wasn’t disappointed. I really liked the songs. They take you away, I was overjoyed while listening. Coldness od Canada reflected to the songs, and it seems they used some doom riffs, but vocalist sings in black metal all the time. Gloomy, depressing and dark lyrics… Sound is successful, everything is good and the EP is as good as an album. Outro song “Memoires” is very good, it is an instrumental song like an intro.

About the lyrics and EP cover, you can see intense influence of Elizabeth Bathory (Countess Bathory). Her murders, her tortures to her victims seem to inspire the band. Lyrics are written about Middle Age darkness, ocultism and again, Elizabeth Bathory. There’s mysticism both in songs and theme of the EP.

I suggest this album to you, though I heard Csejthe for the first time, I’m sure you will enjoy it.


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