CRYPTIK HOWLING ”Synthetic Ascension Design”

Self-released – 2013 – Canada

The Canadians CRYPTIK HOWLING are heard from again. In April 2013 they released their already third cd “Synthetic Ascension Deisgn“ in in-house production.

After a very epic-symphonic instrumental intro (“Sovereigns & Carrion Feeders“) the following song “World Sheperd“ shows us where the musical journey will really lead us to. You can hear here Black Metal through and through. Pitch-black and of bizarre beauty. The coldness of Black Metal is wrapped in melodic tones in order to create a very own sound. “Synthetic Ascension Design“ receives by severe doubleblast druming hardness and coldness at the same time. The interaction with melodic parts let develop bizarre dark worlds which are marked of hate and destruction. Very technical played riffs and keyboard sounds do one last thing yet to put their very own stamp on the production. The all in all eleven songs all move in the mid tempo area. The cd receives additional variability by the variable use of tempi. Technical impeccable recorded there’s also productional here nothing wrong.Who likes modern. Melodic Black Metal should grab here by all means!!!

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