The latest Swedish spawn CRUCIFYRE, which features members from veterans Morbid, Crematory and Afflicted, have announced the debut album title as “Infernal Earthly Divine”. The visual direction and album artwork (shown below) for “Infernal Earthly Divine” was designed by both CRUCIFYRE and graphic artist Stefan Hansson.

A two-minute preview sample of the opening track “Born Again Satanist” is now available at the CRUCIFYRE Official Myspace page, Pulverised Records Official Myspace page and also on the Pulverised Records Official Facebook page.

01. Born Again Satanist
02. Kiss The Goat
03. Hellish Sacrifice
04. Majestical / Sadistical
05. Witch Hammer
06. Thessalonian Death Cult
07. A.W.W.S / …Of Hell
08. Hail Satan
09. The Fetching

A further announcement on the official release date will be made soon.

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