Self-released – 2013 – Hungary

The Hungarians CROWHILL TALES released in 2013 their first EP after a demo in 2009 in in-house production. It is called “Before Birth“.

CROWHILL TALES play an interesting mixture of Power Metal and Thrash Metal. Riddled with some Hard Rock elements this results in the bands’ sound. Melodic riffs which poach in different Metal genres show innovation and variability. These can be halting as well as being in the mid tempo area . The powerful drumming which is always kept in the background and forceful bass lines are the base frame of “Before Birth“. The Power Metal tinted vocals which can be now and then Thrash Metal give the production additional energy. But they doesn’t let the production sound too soft and melodic. The different variations in speed which however never leave the mid tempo area make for additional movement. CROWHILL TALES are in spite of some musical experiments successful in creating a very hearable EP which doesn’t appear too chaotic. Very ambitious recorded “Before Birth“ will surely delight the sympathetic Metal fan. Listen to the record. It’s worth it!!!

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