Critical Solution

The Norwegian Thrash Metallers from CRITICAL SOLUTION will enter next week the SONIC TRAIN STUDIOS in Varberg, Sweden to work again with KING DIAMOND guitarist ANDY LA ROCQUE for their upcoming full-lenght release.
Mid 2011, the band worked already with Andy La Rocque, when he produced and mixed their EP “Evidence of Things Unseen” and delivered a guest appearance on this album where he was featured doing a guitar solo on the Metallica cover “Seek and Destroy”. 
Also this time, Andy La Rocque will be responsible for the production and the mixing of this new release.
Vocalist/Lead Guitarist Christer Slettebø on working again with ANDY LA ROCQUE: “Last time we worked with Andy was absolutely amazing, like every other time we worked together! He welcomed us with open arms after listening to a shitty demo tape, but he saw something in us and then made us better than we could ever imagine. Andy brings out the best in us! He takes ideas to the table and we have that chemistry only a few can have. People can expect a punch-in-the-face album. Old school thrash, fast as hell! Guests appearances will be including La Rocque himself. The chemistry within the band can be felt in the songs and it’s tight as hell! The band is better than ever before. We will keep you updated about all progress on our social media sites, so stay tuned for some thrashing news !”
The new album has a tentative release date of mid 2013.

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