CREPUSCULUM ”Illuminatus”

Odium Records – 2013 – Poland

The Polish duo CREPUSCULUM are heard from agagin. They released at the beginning of the year their opus “Illuminatus“ via Odium Records.

You can hear here no ordinary Black Metal. Extremely emotional screams at the intro “Nox Ritualum“ let already conjecture where the musical journey will lead us to. The ritual begins..Dark riffs which come in old and relentless enter a bizarre symbiosis with melodic parts. Thereby CREPUSCULUM never loose their hardness and coldness. Supported by a partially little short of non-human drumming arise all in all nine songs which nevertheless move in the mid tempo area. The listener plunges into pitch-blak worlds of ice and hopelessness of which there is no escape. The expressive growls do one last thing yet! “Illuminatus“ got a very intense album which discloses only at repeated listening its entire variety. Technical impeccable recorded I can unhesitatingly recommend CREPUSCULUM to any Black Metal fan! Buy the cd. It’s worth it!!!

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