COSMOLOCO ”Selection Naturelle”

Inhuman Homicide Records/Sevared Records – 2010 – France

COSMOLOCO claims to play “experimental brutal death/grind” and the main question that comes immediately to my mind is what the experimental part will be like.Behind this project stays a masked figure of a man who is responsible for all the instruments and for the furious death growls.”Selection Naturelle” is his debut CD with five tracks of brutal death metal plus intro,outro and an interlude which has dark electronic hip-hop beats but luckily there isn’t any rapping over it.Some black metal riffs can be heard in “Armageddon” and “Misanthrope” and I must admit that they are combined pretty successful with the overall death/grind wall of sound.Speaking about sound this is something COSMOLOCO should work upon because the drum-machine is far from best and the guitars could have been heavier.Otherwise “Selection Naturelle” is a curious effort and the death/grind fans out there should appreciate it!


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