COSMIC INFUSION – ”Cosmic Infusion”


India is the home country of the band COSMIC INFUSION. Already since 2003 on the road musically they released last year together with Transcending Obscurity India their same-named debut cd.
To describe the music of COSMIC INFUSION is not easy. On the one hand extremely melodic of synthesizers solemn melodies which sound nevertheless dark and morbid. These are jazzed up and a bit hit up by harmonic riffs. On the other hand the aggressive drumming which has however never an superimposing effect and the very distinctive growls of vocalist and keyboarder Susha Shetty. These musical opposites enter an omnious smbiosis. Symphonic Black Metal are the final results. It is arbitrary and independent. The all in all five songs take the listener into weird, dark worlds which are beautiful and ugly at the same time. It is an interesting journey in the mid tempo area which gets along without any severe thrashing. An oppressive atmosphere develops, accompnied by little short of bombastic melodies. Very dedicated recorded you can recommend “Cosmic Infusion“ to each open-minded Black Metal fan! Listen to the cd, it’s worth it!!!!


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