Nightmare Productions – 2007 – Portugal

Maybe one of the best 3rd generation black metal band of Portugal is Corpus Christii.They have done a new great album which has released on market last days.After two fascinating albums,this one is the trliogy,in my opinion,”Rising”!So they continue tormenting the the ruins of black metal.

The band show themselves in this record as cold as intelligent rude riffs,variable rhytmes and with pure timing tunes,of course this record is more clean than their first raw and dirty times but evil lyrical themas and satanic ideology surely still continue.

Opening song is some kind of divine,and then hate and revenge begins with the song named ”Stabbed” and album continue ”Nocturnus” with a mid timing and pure riffs and vocals with monologs that bringing down the tempo.Band blend the some sounds of ordinary black metal riffs and song themas with some kind of melancholy ,depression and sick agression and Menthor played the drums in an evil quality and this situation support the good album recording and sound!

My fav songs are Stabbed ,Blank Code and Heavenless Bliss in this album of Corpuus.I like this album and one of my last favs.Rising album is a must and highly recomended to all sick black metal fans!


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