CONTRADICTION ”The Essence of Anger”

Limited Access Records – 2009 – Germany

How do you spell boring thrash metal? C-O-N-T-R-A-D-I-C-T-I-O-N. Hailing from the land of Kreator, these Deutchland doomtroopers have been churning the jaged riffs and furious tempos for the past two decades, with little indication they’ve made a serious splash in their scene. Comes to show the music business works in mysterious ways. Kicking off this brand new (alright, it’s a 2009 release) “The Essence of Anger” is the raging “Perfect Combatant” that launches like a barrage of katyusha rockets detonating in your ears. It’s really good. So is the crunchy title track that comes after it. The boring crap rears its indifferent mug on the Slayer-esque (think “Diabolous In Musica”) “The Spectator” and the yawn inducing grimness of “Walk of Shame.”

Lest they lose the battle for quality time in your CD player/earphones/iPod, Contradiction rally on “Death Is Now” and proceed to grind your nuts beneath their jackboots with a bevy of stomping songs like “Collateral Carnage.” On the musicianship front, Contradiction are faultless in the domain of thrash metal. The guitar solos here are especially delectable; aside from his pained howls, singer-guitarist Oliver Lux furnishes the leads together with his partner-in-crime Oliver Kamper (whaddaya know? Two Olivers!) amidst a rhythm section that has the all-consuming tendencies of napalm. Consider the efforts of drummer Christoff Zelf and bass-commando Andreas Westphal the ‘shock’ to the guitarists ‘awe’; or the ‘krieg’ to the two Oliver’s ‘blitz’…or—how about this scribe shut the fuck up with his smart ass wordplay? (Yes, he will.)

To their credit, Contradiction know the kind of riffs, lyrics, and delivery needed to inspire a good-sized mosh pit. The energy here is impressive as hell, but when even the big three of Deutchland thrash can fail to excite at times, what more these fearsome bastards? The truth is “The Essence of Anger” could have done without such paint-by-numbers offerins as “Death Is Now,” “For the Light,” and the malevolent album closer “Reign of Fear.” There’s too much tedious tired shyte stewing in this otherwise diabolical thrash platter.


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