Necropulsar Productions – 2010 – Poland

Conquest Icon is the new name on the home underground plot, although with a members of many a musical acts. The band was initiated by two guys – Andy `s known from the death metal vocals in his Pyorrhoea, Sphere and Revelation Of Doom and Empherion, guitarist from the the black metal Empheris and Hellish. This time the little men turned to roles, because the first took on the shoulders of service above all guitars and bass, while the other took to be the leading vocals. “Hellspire” brings us to eight numbers of old-school, uncompromising death metal, in which we can find echoes of primarily American School. Material-specific is not stemmed the underground dirt, which for some can be an asset, others may be repelled. According to me, that sound interacts with the nature of these ominous sounds that oozes from the speakers. You may have concerns that the selectivity is sometimes at odds, but this is the charm of such publications. Personally, I get moments like puppy years, when I listened to similar “hordes” of the tapes yet. Technically we are dealing with a high-quality product – everything fits nicely, no coarseness, the pieces are thoughtful and pretty good copy of the croup. I like the classic dynamic skills “Hellspire”, without much innovations, but with the kick-assing power . A good enrichment are occurring sporadically solos. Specific intros embedded here and there just affect the atmosphere of the disc. Sepulchral growl vocals dominate with the screams in the background. These parties sometimes are joined, what add both color with some phrases (ala Deicide). Nice is also a patented “wall of bellowing” in the end of “Misbegotten”. “Hellspire” can not kill me, because in sum nothing special on this material have not heard, but nonetheless very good swings. Supporters of climate Morbid Angel, Immolation, or my native Anima Damnata, Dissenter or Gortal should familiarize themselves with the proposal of this duo.


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