Self-financed – 2010 – Iran

Growing scene of Persian metal, released a new stuff again. It’s interesting and fun to listen succesful records from our(Turkey’s) neighbour. Connate Exasperation is a new band or you can named this as a solo project, in this album, session vocalist shown up. They recorded their first demo in 2009-2010 and released this September. Booklet is fine, pro-cdr material.

With succesful guitar solos and technic riffs, band is doing technic brutal death metal, some of the songs have that 90’s Florida death metal attitude, but not so much. You can feel this, inside that wheezy brutal vocal.

Harsh as American brutal death metal, completely brutal demo. Drums written well, but you can understand from the tones that they use, it’s an obvious drum machine. That’s the only side, that I can criticize about.

There’s an unusual song in this demo called “Bonecrush”, some experimental stuff. Drums fit on this song well.

I can suggest that demo to the people who wants to hear something from east, not always from west and to the death metal demo lovers.


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