COLDBOUND ”Rites Under Moonlight”

Blacklion Prod. – 2015 – Finland

COLDBOUND are heart from again. The Fins released at the end of last year their cd “Rites Under Moonlight“ with the help of Black Lion Productions.
The little short of compulsory synthesizer intro sounds sleazy and melodic. But, who now presumes light music is off the track. The following song “Deep Into The Woods“ shows which musical intentions the guys really have. Black Metal is now the order of the day. Raw and primordial the listener is abducted into dark worlds without any light and hope. Icy and simple played riffs which make your blood run cold. Death and devil in their luggage COLDBOUND worship the evil. Thereby the moon plays a significant role in their songs. The mystical, occult aspect also doesn’t goes short here in their songs. The intense growls which are also able to only whisper get under the skin and give birth to an extremely tense atmosphere of darkness and coldness. You feel straight relegated into the early days of Black Metal. The partial halting passages additionally reinforce emptiness and misanthropy. Nevertheless no boredom originates. Kept in the mid tempo area the songs impress with their intensity. By the simplicity of the production which is surely wanted that way develops additionally brutality and emphasis. Who like Old School Black Metal doesn’t get around of COLDBOUND!!!!


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