COBOLT 60 ”The Grim Defiance”

Demonhood Productions – 2012 – Norway

After believe it or not ten years standby time the Norwegian duo COBOLT 60 spread in September 2012 their second cd “The Grim Defiance“ among the mob.

What resounds off my loudspeakers? Exactly! Old School Black Metal! In the vein of the old SATYRICON COBOLT 60 show that they have nothing unlearnt over the years. The duo conjures here dark melodies straight from the hells’ maw out of their hat. Forceful bass-lines mingle with powerful doubleblast lines to an unholy alliance. This is reinforced by pitch-black conscious kept simple sound frameworks. By now and then inserted dark riffs “The Grim Defiance“ put the final touches to. Hopelessness and infinite hate which is accentuated and emphasised by distinctive growls. Here is offered good home cooking which represents a mixture of darkness, ice and melodies. Thereby the mixture turned out well and is extremely herable. Even melodic choirs here and there may not miss which relax the production however anything but coddle it. “The Grim Defiance“ offers everything a Black Metal heart desires and should not be missed in any Metal collection!!!

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