CHURCH OF VOID ”Dead Rising”

Svart Records -2013- Finland

The Fins CHURCH OF VOID recently released after their EP in the year 2013 now their first full-length cd via Svart Records. It bears the name “Dead Rising“.
Doom Metal, modern edited is now the topic. Thereby the gents strike downright calmer tones without thereby being boring or verbose. Doom Metal base frames are jazzed up a bit by elements which go into the Rock area. But, the Doom basic nature remains at any time. By the variable use of tempi originates dynamics in the all in all eight songs which becomes the production. Thus it is no wonder, if you can hear also once calm guitar songs. Accentuated of a drumming which never superimposed the compositions originates the very own sound of CHURCH OF VOID. The variable vocals of vocalist Magus Corvus also fit in outstanding in the overall structure. Recorded with a lot of blood, sweat and tears and emotions I can only recommend “Dead Rising“ to each Doom Metal fan!!!!


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