CHOSEN ”Resolution”

Self-released – 2013 – Ireland

The Irish duo CHOSEN released in March 2013 their first full-length cd which is called “Resolution“ in in-house production.

The listener can expect here a contrast bath of musical genres. Extreme Metal at its best is proffered. Very innovative and nevertheless powerful songs which thrill the listener from the first minute on. It is exhausted the entire array of the genre Extreme Metal. Progressive, Death Metal and some more is amalganated to very appealing songs. These have meat and sustainability. Bands like MESSUGAH and Co. come to my mind while listening. Very technical drumming outstanding fits into the overall structure. The multi-variant vocals, from clean vocals to Growls everything is represented, gives “Resolution“ additional innovation. The cd bubbles over with ideas and power. CHOSEN delivered with “Resolution“ a strong piece of Metal which I can only recommend to each Metal fan!!!! I am sure that the gents will also find soon a suitable label to distribute their music. So, open your eyes!!!

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