Chelation Intoxication -”Dismemberment”

Grundar Pro – 2013 – Malaysia

The band CHELATION INTOXICATION is from Malaysia. Last year they put their debut EP “Dismemberment“ via Grundar Productions on the market.
The cd initially statrs calm and relaxing so that you might think atfirst that it is here about a nice entertaining music production. But, far from it! Now you can hear perfect Goregrind music. The gents persue merciless their goal, severe and focussed. Hammering riffs which go like whiplashes straight into the auditory canals. Supported by severe doubleblast drumming develop extremely harsh songs full of aggressiveness and hate. The neck-muscle inevitably rotates here non-stop! The vocals which are once typical grunting then again are only click consonants-like reinforce the dark, extremely raw atmosphere. CHELATION INTOXICATION therefore tick all the boxes a good Goregrind cd needs. Very dedicated and primordial recorded you can literally hear the joy of playing of the gents. For Goregrind fans a true insiders’ tip which you should check out by all means!!!!


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