Charlie Murphy Interview of One Man Death Metal Band EVIL IN

Evil In is a one-man death metal band and the man responsible for it is Charlie Murphy. I emailed him some questions recently and here are his answers:

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

CM: I was born in Massachusetts and grew up in the suburban town of Dedham, MA as well as split my time with family in Edgartown, MA on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

What sort of kid were you growing up with?

CM: I was outgoing and very creative and artistic and started making my own music at a very young age.

What sort of kid were you in high school and stuff? Did you have many friends?

CM: I had the same personality and drove that I had as a kid and I was very sociable and had a lot of friends from all different walks of life.

So when did music start to become a big part of your life? What were some of the early bands you heard and liked?

CM: I started playing the piano with my grandmother when I was 4 and have been hooked since then. I started playing the guitar when I was nine and was also inspired by the creativity of my mother as well, who sang and participated in acting in local theatre groups.
Kiss has always been a huge musical influence on me. I idolized Ace Frehley as a child and he sparked my interest in guitar.

When did you discover the world of heavy metal? Was it one band or several?

CM: It started with Kiss and it evolved over many years. I witnessed the whole heavy metal genre grow. I remember the start of Thrash Metal when I was a little kid. I remember when the Thrash bands would tour with the big rap bands back then. It’s hard for me to pinpoint exact bands. I love it all from old-school to modern metal. One of my favourite bands is Cannibal Corpse.

How did the world of underground metal find its way into your ugly head ha ha? What were some of the early bands you heard? Was it a style you were into right away or did it take a few listens to get into it?

CM: It started with the hardcore scene in the mid-’80s. I started listening to bands like the Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, and The Dead Kennedy’s and that led me to Thrash bands like Anthrax which was underground then and fused with hardcore punk. And then the whole early 90’s Death Metal scene solidified that whole package for me. And I’m still listening to underground metal and my music is underground metal.
I instantly loved this style of music right away.

So what made you decide to pick up a guitar? Who are some of your favourite guitar players?

CM: As I mentioned earlier it started with Ace Frehley and evolved from there. There are so many I could name but another early favourite of mine was Randy Rhodes.

Now before we go further where is the band based and is there at least a decent metal scene where you are from?

CM: The band is based out of Massachusetts but I was able to connect and collaborate with Steffen who is in Florida and their metal scene is raging.
There are great metal bands that have come from Massachusetts like Killswitch Engage, but there is not much of a scene here at the moment.

Now you are also in another band called “Iridescent Dune”, which has 10 singles out. Tell me about them.

CM: Iridescent Dune is just a one-man band and I play everything. It’s alternative rock, acoustic, dark wave, and prog metal. It’s a fusion of different things and changes styles like a chameleon. It’s hard to put a finger on the exact sound and it’s very unique and very different from my death/thrash music.

And another called “Evolve”. Tell me about them.

CM: Evolve is my prog metal album under Iridescent Dune which is a collection of songs that I created during the first year of the pandemic.

So now you do everything in those other 2 bands. Has any of those 2 bands played live?

CM: Iridescent Dune hasn’t really gotten out on the road because it’s a solo project. EVIL IN is in the process of setting up a tour and a possible record deal.

Now we are back to Evil In. How did the idea for that come to happen?

CM: It came from my love of death metal and extreme metal and my love of horror movies I’ve had since I was a child.

What is the big difference between them and the other 2 bands?

CM: One is my extreme darkest music and the other is more alternative, experimental, and has acoustic music involved.

How did you come up with the logo and the name of the band?

CM: EVIL IN was shortened from Evil Incarnate or Evil inside and I wanted something dark and short sounding because my Iridescent Dune band is longer and not dark and I wanted a separation between the bands.
My artist friend that did the artwork came up with the logo.

Have you ever been asked to join any bands at all?

CM: No, I’ve just created my own.

Now I see from the band pictures there are 2 of you. Who is the other member and what does he do in the band?

CM: Steffen Banas from No Coffin, a doom/thrash band from Miami worked on this album with me and played drums and bass.

How soon was the band around before you released “An Ethereal Force Beyond”? Are you the only player on that particular release?

CM: I am the only player on that release. I created the band in 2021 and everything just instantly happened.

How did the songs come together for this release? How do you make sure the 3 bands are different from one another?

CM: It was just an idea of a story I had about an ancient evil force that possesses most of the people on Earth, but some people are immune to being possessed and the World turns into a demonic apocalypse.

How did you come up with the name of your debut release, which was called “An Ethereal Force Beyond”? What was the feedback from people who heard it?

CM: I wanted to use something that sounded different and I wanted to use the word ethereal and I built the title around that

I had really good feedback from this EP with a lot of blogs and radio stations and webzines really liking it and giving me support.

Now in 2022, you have what I will call a mini full-length release called “Age of Immortal Darkness”. How did the songs for this come together and did they come together rather quickly?

CM: I wanted to create a continuation of the story of An Ethereal Force Beyond and move more deeply into it. It came together very quickly because I had a plan for how I exactly wanted the story to go.

I imagine the response to it has been great as I was blown away the first time I heard it.

CM: Thank you, I appreciate it. It means a lot. We really worked hard on this album and I put a lot of personal emotion into this album. I’ve been happy with the response so far.

Is there any chance you would get some session musicians to play live at all? Will the band always be you two or perhaps down the line you would add a 3rd member?

CM: It’s in the works. I can’t say when but I would like to do auditions for touring musicians. I’d like to expand the band.

In a pecking order, which for you is the most serious and the least serious?

CM: I’m not sure.

What are some of your favourite concerts you have seen over the years?

CM: Definitely Kiss. They put on a great live show. Of course also The Black Dahlia Murder and Cannibal Corpse.

If a label decided to pick up this release would you let them or maybe put it out on vinyl?

CM: I would definitely love to have it on vinyl.

For someone who has not heard the band, what would you say you sound like musically? Do you think your a good singer?

CM: I think it’s a mixture between Obituary, Soilent Green, and Crowbar.
I think I’m a good singer. I try to give it my all on my vocals.

For someone who wants to hear or pick up some music, where can they go?

CM: EVIL IN is on all digital platforms. Check us out on Spotify, Apple, Bandcamp, Sound Cloud, YouTube…

You can also check out my social media for EVIL IN on Facebook and my shared Iridescent Dune/EVIL IN Instagram account for other info.

Mega horns are up for the great new release. Any last words to wrap this up, the floor is yours.

CM: I appreciate everyone who supports and follows the music. I’m trying to put out something fresh and unique and I’m very thankful for all the listens and all the promotions.

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