CHAPEL ”Satan’s Rock’N’Roll”

Invictus Productions – 2012 – Canada

CHAPEL are from Canada. They released in August 2012 their debut cd “Satan’s Rock’N’ Roll” via Invictus Productions.

But, what really burrows behind the pithy album title musically? Right – Real Rock’N’Roll. Dirty, snotty and with wild energy CHAPEL tear forwards. A mixture of VENOM and MOTORHEAD which was mixed with a lot of melody. Here is let loose hell from the first to the last minute! The rhythm fraction has their work cut out here to cope with the fast changing chords. But, CHAPEL are no wimps! The guys fire with the precision of a machine gun one musical salvo after another. CHAPEL present dark and with extremely rapidity their interpretation of Metal music. The lyrics deal, oh wonder, in proper style of satanistic topics. CHAPEL did everything right with “Satan’s Rock’N’Roll”. The idea completely merges here! To buy the cd is duty!!!!

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