CHAINED AND DESPERATE ”Divine Authority Abolishment”

Pitchblack Records – 2011 – Greece

This is my first encounter with this band from Greece and I must say that I like what I hear from them. So far, they brought out one album 12 years ago, and before that they were active in the Underground from 1991 when they started to release Demo’s. on their first releases, they used to play Doom/Death Metal. I read somewhere that they play Melodic Black Metal, but I would rather say that that what this band plays sounds more like some kind of Black Metal meets Rock’n’Roll to me. Not some old stuff Rock’n’Roll, but rather some newer kind. At some moments even memories about some old Heavy Metal bands come up. Old Mercyful Fate albums are among the influences here on this album in my opinion. As you can see, it is not so much New wave of Black Metal, so don’t expect any keyboards or orchestral parts here. Also, this album is free of any kind of speed like Marduk, Dark Funeral, etc. The vocals here remind me a lot of Grutle from Enslaved. If I would have to name one more band which seems to have influenced the music of Chained and Desperate, than it would be Enslaved. Also, the second part of this album here reminds me of Therion without all the orchestral parts. How can I say that it reminds me to Therion without any orchestral parts? Easy. The riffs here on this album have the same Oriental origin like we know from Therion and also some other bands. The way Chained and Desperate use them is better to compare with Therion than with some of the other bands that use them. The production here is very clear and you can hear all the details very good. I would say that this is an easy album to listen to, but still, it has a lot to offer to the listener. This is surely one of the albums that I will remember from this year. The only negative point on this album is that it is too short. 37 minutes is not very long for an full length album. After 12 years of silence, one could think that they would have some more material ready. But it is ok.


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