Chain Reaction

Polish thrash/groove metal band Chain Reaction will release their second full length album in spring 2010. Italian Kolony Records will release the European pressing of the album. The band recorded ”Cutthroat Melodies” album in July 2009 in Zed studios (Warsow, Poland). Tentative European release is planned for early May 2010. Further release/tour information coming later on.
01 – Twinge
02 – Prime Integers
03 – God Lives Too Long
04 – Elder Thrived
05 – Insomia Revised (H.B. Woodrose)
06 – Class A Prisoner
07 – Projecting AM
08 – No Logo
09 – When Road ‘n Booze Collide
10 – Intra Vires
11 – Even If

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