CEREBRAL EFFUSION ”Impulsive Psychopathic Acts”

Comatose Music – 2010 – Spain

The band does brutal death metal. It seems to me that the vocals are alike with Spanish band Haemophagia. It may be because of the fact that they both are influenced from Devourment. I can say that the vocal generally focuses on guttural and pig vocal. The extreme works like in slam bands are being followed by the band.

It can be said that the guitar sound is known brutal metal riffs. The band has technical, vehement and aggressive riffs. The tones of the guitars are also nice. Occasionally, there are slam breakdown-like parts (“slam”ers say) that contains low tempo. We cannot say they are exactly slam breakdown parts but they appear like that.

The drummer focuses on blast drumming. Double crosses are very distinctive. The attractions with cymbals are complex but stylish. The tones of the drum were carefully adjusted and the drummer plays like a machine.

The recording is also nice. Everything is clear and easily understood. The concept of the lyrics are gore, brutality, murder and so on. The cover was also designed in this way, there is someone with his/her arms cut. The background is like in chaos and in slaughterhouse. These guys are definitely on the road of gore.

Brutal death metal band with gore theme.. The ones who like Devourment, Degrade and Inherit Disease will also like them.


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