Cera Maven – Fading Illusion (Music Video)

CERA MAVEN is a five-piece metalcore band, founded in 2019 in NRW, Germany. In 2020, they released their debut four-song EP Liquid Eyes. Every single song stands for itself, tells a story, and offers a lot to discover. Powerful, emotional, surprising. Progressive! CERA MAVEN used the vibe of the last two years to evolve. Refreshing sound. New Songs. A unifying vision. Bringing sequences of struggles, heavy hearts, and self-doubt in your head. All to rise and keep up going stronger. A new chapter begins with the release of Neo Heart. Powerful riffs and energetic drums combined with a lyrical confession. With the successor The Ark, the band shows an even more serious and drastic side to channel a collective feeling of uncertainty throughout the past two years and the present situation of our planet. Their brand new 5-song EP SEQUENCES, including both singles, will be released on the 24th of March.

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