CENTINEX ”Redeeming Filth”

You actually need not to introduce the Swedish band CENTINEX anymore. After more than nine years they honour the sympathetic listener with their latest opus “Redeeming Filth“. It is distributed via Agonia Records / Soulfood.
The gents show here from the first second on that they didn’t ease over the years in no case or that they even got calmer. You can hear Old School Death Metal the way it should be. But, who expects old rehased stale news will meet here disappointed. Sure, CENTINEX does not reinvent the Death Metal wheel. Nevertheless the all in all ten songs sound fresh and thrilling. Hateful riffs which contain strength and energy within themselves combine with a strong-willed doubleblast drumming to an omnious musical mass. The game with tempi generates tension and an extra portion of darkness. Harsh and uncompromising rolls “Redeeming Filth“ like an avalance through the Metal country and casts a spell over the listener, Technical mature CENTINEX are nowhere near on the scrap heap. Here is purchasing duty!!!!


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