CELTACHOR ”Nuada of the Silver Arm”

Trollzorn Records -2015- Ireland

The Irishmen CELTACHOR are heard from again. After the in the year 2012 published opus “Nine Waves From The Shore“ they released in April 2015 their follow-up cd “Nuada Of The Silver Arm“ with the help of the label Trollzorn Records.
The gents also remain faithful here to their musical motto: Black Metal paired with Pagan Metal. Heroic deeds and Odes from the extensive mythology and legends of Ireland come upon the darkness and hardness of the Black Metal. Of this contradiction develop all in all nine songs full of beauty and morbidity. Energetic and full of zest for action CELTACHOR conquer new frontiers. With bagpipes deployed now and then develops a folkloric touch which is thoroughly wanted and which gives the songs identity and melancholy. You fell straight relegated into ancient times. Thereby CELTACHOR are neither too nostalgic nor too lavish. Nevertheless, the production has sufficient hardness and self-assertion. The skilful game with mixtures of styles result in the bands’ independent sound. Technical impeccable recorded you will search in vain here highspeed thrashing. This is not necessary and woud be only disturbing. CELTACHOR know what they want and are able to implement their musical ideas into notes. I can only recommend “Nuada Of The Silver Arm“ to you!!!!


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