CELTACHOR ”Nine Waves from the Shore”

Self-released – 2012 – Ireland

CELTACHOR are from a land of sagas and myths and are already for some time past musically active. At the end of 2012 the Irish released their latest opus “Nine Waves From The Shore“ in in-home production.

It is not easy to describe the music of CELTACHOR. Black Metal with Pagan Metal and a proper dash of Folk Metal would probably be the best transcription. Dark tones combine here with Pagan Metal to an independent, dynamic musical mass. Darkness and hardness rendezvous with a powerful drumming and forceful riffs. Thereby the interspersed riffs vary from hard and dark right up to melodic insertions. The use of Irish Pipes gives the production a folkloric character without thereby loosing hardness. Distinctive, emphatic vocals round off the innovative and at the same time energetic songs. “Nine Waves From The Shore“ is about a bygone time in which the Gaels discovered Ireland. Whose sagas and heroic epics are musically and lyrically pretty well implemented by CELTACHOR. Beautiful musical parts which invite for dreaming pass end-to-end over in dark Metal tones. This emphasises the bands’ musical skills. Technical impeccable recorded show CELTACHOR with “Nine Waves From The Shore“ that Pagan Metal in all its facets can be indeed innovative and lively without loosing power and intensity. Who is into inventiveness and innovation in the Pagan and Black Metal area whom be most warmly recommended this cd!!!!

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