Caustic Waves – Regenerate

REGENERATE is the debut single from CAUSTIC WAVES – an energetic, melodic post-hardcore/rock song, with thick crunchy rhythm guitars, driving bass, and hook-laden lead vocals backed by layers of harmonies. Lyrically, the song deals with themes of regret, self-improvement and growth.

Full-time Software Engineer by day, music producer by night (once the kids are asleep). Neil Thomas is a busy father of two, with a lifelong passion for music that has culminated in his latest project, CAUSTIC WAVES. In many ways, it’s a return to his formative teenage years in the late-90s, with influences such as Helmet, Kerbdog, Far and Deftones. Unlike his teenage self, Neil now has the musical experience and confidence to pull it off. The song is taken from the forthcoming six-track album. Over an 18 month period, Neil produced, engineered and mixed the record at his home studio in Glasgow, Scotland, before being given a final polish by Andrea Gobbi at Carrier Waves Mastering.

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