Causality – Chemicals

About This Song

Adressing the topics of mental health and medication, “Chemicals” presents a personal approach of the never-ending war taking place inside the head of a character afflicted with mental illlness.

After sharing the stage with fellow french band Kadinja last year, Causality comes back with their first release of 2022, once again exploring new ways to deliver a fresh iteration of their signature blend of modern-metal and synthwave.

Official Band Information

Five piece band CAUSALITY from Nantes (Fr), was created by Synthwave Producer Shadow Ferd. Musically influenced by various artists (PERTURBATOR, CRYSTAL LAKE, CARPENTER BRUT, NORTHLANE…), the band drop a 1st music video for the song « Icarus » (available on Youtube and every streaming platform). Long-term experienced members of CAUSALITY are currently recording the band’s debut album and bringing to life this new project mixing Djent and Synthwave…


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