CATAMENIA ”The Rewritten Chapters”

Century Media Records – 2012 – Finland

After many years of existence, Catamenia brought out their first Greatest Hits CD. In this CD you can find some of the best songs from their career re-recorded. I don’t know why there is so much re-recording in the (Black) Metal scene today, but I must say that in some cases it can work. But still, I am a bit skeptical when I see RE-RECORDED because it might turn backwards. Some songs really needed some re-recording, but also, the feeling of the original version got lost and that can be a pity. There are 15 songs on this release from which 14 are re-recorded and 1 is the cover version of the Bon Jovi song “Born To Be My Baby”. This is also the first release with the new keyboard player so it is interesting to hear some of the songs from the period when Catamenia didn’t had a keyboard player in the band with keyboard sound. Those songs sound now very interesting, but I am not going to say that it wasn’t also the case with the original versions. In some cases, the band succeeds in bringing the keyboards in these songs and in some it didn’t went that well. Off course that it is difficult to bring an instrument into a song which wasn’t written for that instrument. The song from the beginning of their career don’t sound too much different now because the core of it didn’t change, only the production did. That brings me to the point what I mentioned, the losing part. Those songs sounded sometimes even romantic because of their sound back then. Now this feeling is lost. It is up to the fans to decide if they want to buy this release because they are unsatisfied with the sound of their earlier CD’s or if they want it for their collection.


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