CARTHAUN ”Staub Und Schatten”

Northen Fog Prod – 2015 – Germany

CARTHAUN are actually already old hands in the music business. Since of 2000 on dark pathes on the road they released in December 2015 their cd “Staub und Schatten“. It is distributed by the label Northern Fog Records.
After a very calm, spheric short instrumental intro it gets straight down to the nitty.gritty. Here is the listener proffered Black Metal at its finest. A banquet of raw, coarse Black Metal riffs and a strong-willed drumming. Thereof develop songs of infinite hate and mourning. Embedded in forceful bass-lines and very expressive growls which are dark and simultaneous aggressive. Mixed with a proper portion of misanthropy and hopelessness. Fast played parts which are primordial and also implicate extremely hardness are a bit relaxed by calmer, melodic insertions without thereby smudging the real pitch-black chararcter of the songs. You can hear in each single note that the seasoned musicians dispose of a lot of playing experience. “Staub Und Schatten“ is a through and through successful opus which doesn’t need to hide behind the famous colleagues. Absolutely recommendation to buy!!!!


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