CARNAC ”The Frail Sight”

Sliptrick Records – 2016 – Turkey

The Turkish band CARNAC released in October 2015 their first cd called “The Frail Sight“ via Sliptrick Records.
It gets here straight down to the nitty.gritty without a disturbing intro. The listener is offered severe tones in Death Metal style. Played aggressive and forceful. The diversified riffs give dynamics and the necessary rage to the production. But, CARNAG doesn’t thrash only into the highspeed area. By the influence of melodic parts the all in all four songs receive an own identity without thereby sounding too soft. This ensures the strong-willed drumming. The piercing growls give additional energy and independence. Here rotates the neck muscle permanently! Very lively and energy-rich you should take “The Frail Sight“ to heart by all means!!!!


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