Vrykoblast Productions – 2012 – Singapore

The band CARDIAC NECROPSY are from Singapore. Since 1991 already with several interruptions, musically on the road as a band is the cd “Shayateen“ the gents’ latest opus.

CARDIAC NECROPSY return here back to their Death Metal roots. Hard, harsh riffs as well as an ultra-fast drumming result in the base frame of the production. Thereby is “Shayateen“ no pure thrashing album. You can hear here melodic spekles now and then which relax the whole a bit. But, no fear! The gents are never really melodic or even soft! The riffs show the wide musical range of guitarist Farid. Here wee definitely grown men at work. The distinctive vocals which partially make leeway in the Grind area emphasize the brutal side. Death, destruction and hate witzhin one’s reach implemented in notes. Pure headbanging is the order of the day! “Shayateen “ got a very emphatic album which makes a lasting impression on the listener already alone by its speed and wealth of variants. Productional on a high level and very dedicated recorded I can only recommend the cd!!!

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