CAPRICORNUS TENEBRARUM ”Et Demonivm at Aeternvm”

Dead Center Productions – 2015 – Mexico

The Mexicans CAPRICORNUS TENEBRARUM are already since 2009 together as a band. In March 2015 they released their debut cd “ Et Demonivm Et Aeternvm“. They receive help distributional-wise by Dead Center Productions.
A very calm instrumental intro initially misgives. But, then it descends on the listener. Now, sheer Black Metal is the order of the day. Superb Old School riffs let make leeway the listener into pitch-black worlds without any light and hope. Conscious kept simple they rekindle the spirit of the old Black Metal productions. Ice cold and with infinite hate provided songs which doesn’t spray a bit warmth. Relaxed a bit by synthesizer insertions you can literally feel infinite darkness and loneliness. Agony of mind and misanthropy implemented into notes. Very dedicated and recorded with a lot of hearts’ blood. I can only recommend CAPRICORNUS TENEBRARUM to each Old School Black Metal fan!!!!


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