Inherited Suffering Records – 2014 – Australia

Australia Melbourne brutality formed in 2010 , band released previously 3 demo , but with this latest full length release we can actually say that they crashed the brutal death scene more intense , the album released by Russian label inherit suffering records which is running by another slamming bdm band( drummer of Abominable Putridity ) ,band describes their style as technical bdm which is also correct ,songs are really technical and brutal , they also used a lot of horror movie intro samplers between some songs , vocals are showing us here a lot of good variations from the deep gutturals to pig squels during slamming parts and through the all blasting parts .Actually i dont like solo guitars parts in such brutal bands but they made good job on this album , musical tempos and energy very fast and stunning on each song,i also liked the Artwork much , who bored of illustrated Artworks this one will bring back to you to old gory coverartwork days.
Australian bdm scene and bands are on the rise since last years , especially bands like Disentomb opened some good paths for the future of Australian bdm .The Album has very good sound quality and production ,i m listening it non stop while i m running and making sport , you will gonna fill with full power hate and energy with those devastating slams, Highly recommended release to all Sick Fucks ,Check out this piece of Brutality from downunder Australia.


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