BURZUM ”From The Depths Of Darkness”

Byelobog Production – 2011 – Norway

A new Burzum release is always something great for the fans of this Norwegian musician, but this time I don’t know how the fans will react to this. To put it straight from the beginning, on this album are re-recorded version from the first two Burzum records Burzum and Aske. After 20 years, Grishnack re-recorded them once again. The songs here have a better production than they had 20 years ago. The production here sounds more like the production from Belus and Fallen, so you don’t have to worry that it is too clean. It is just cleaner than back than. Also, the vocals got some changes comparing to the original versions. While back than, Grishnack used screams for the songs, now the vocals are more in the vein of his last two releases. That is the only change these songs got. As a fan, I must say that I miss the dirty sound from back than and the songs in this version seems a bit strange for me. As a reviewer, this record makes it hard to speak about anything else than the changes on it because I think that this one is already known to the Black Metal Fans. Neither less, I can understand that Grishnack wanted to re-record them once again. I won’t give any vote for this record because the songs are already known to the fans.

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