BURNING CROSS ”Compilation Splitter”

Self Release – 2016 – Germany

The German band BURNING CROSS already exists since 2007. After a full-length in the year 2013 (“End Of Illusion“) was now released a 4 track compilation which is called “Splitter“ earlier this year.

The all in all four songs just sparkle of darkness and misanthropy. Sheer Old School Black Metal. Without any experiments and other musical realms. The conscious kept simple riffs and bass lines mix with forceful drumming and very emotional growls to a pitch-black mass which pack a punch. The listener is brought into bizarre worlds without any light and hope which hardly could be more emotional. Rage and aggression and infinite darkness build up which originate a depressing atmosphere. BURNING CROSS are thereby anything but a copy of well-known bands. By melodic speckles and riffs develop independent works which you don’t forget that fast. Surely the band doesn’t reinvent the wheel here, but “Splitter“ is a good proof that Old School Black Metal is also existing in the year 2016 and should sound anything but boring! Get the cd. It’s worth it!!!!


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