BRUTALCORE ”Awakening of Conqueror”

Extreminal Distro – 2009 – Turkey


If you aren’t versed in growl-speak, then you’ll have to settle for the plain English translation below:
As their name implies, Brutalcore play it brutal, though the ‘core’ can be misleading. Curious readers be warned, there’s not a single note of ‘core’ inside this filthy album they just released. All the listener has to chew on are dirty guttural growls, the barest song structure, and a mix that’s been soaked in raw sewage. Except for the martial bombast of the intro that soon devolves into a riff driven blast-feast, “Awakening The Conqueror” is a straightforward br00tal death metal affair with nary an ornamental frill. The nightmare gets started early on the gruesome “Zombie Master” and the band stay the course for succeeding tracks like “Blasphemer,” “Carrion Kind of Society,” “Warped Wrath,” “Collapsed Towers,” “El Chupacabra,” “Cannibalistic Orgy,” Blood of the Chosen,” and even the dirtied tribute to Death’s “Zombie Ritual.”
Alright, so the material flits between gruesome gore, nightmarish terror, and supernatural slaughter. Nothing new there, but aurally witnessing Brutalcore go about the sacred task of tr00 death metal is a hella entertaining (if not hilarious) ride. If you’re hankering fro a brainless good time, then get your meaty paws on this release. It’s oodles of stupid fun.

Not convinced? Here’s what their vocalist has to say about the album:



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