BROOD OF HATRED ”New Order Of Intelligence”

Self-released – 2012 – Tunisia

BROOD OF HATRED are from Tunisia. Once initiated as a 1-man project of Mohamed Melki and now active as a band the gents put in the year 2012 their opus “New Order Of Intelligence“ on the scene.

You can hear here Death Metal sounds. Mixed with partly halting riffs and Progressive Metal speckles develops the independent sound of BROOD OF HATRED. It originates a dark,hopeless atmosphere which holds the listener captive. The emphatic, expressive growls reinforce severity and darkness of the production. The sudden change of tempi, also within a song, gives “New Order Of Intelligence“ additional dynamic and sustainability. It also prevents that the songs are getting boring. Very commited and professional recorded offers “New Order Of Intelligence“ everything a Death Metal heart desires. I can only recommend BROOD OF HATRED!!!

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