BROKEN BONES ”Fuck You And All You Stand For”

2010 – United Kingdom

The English hardcore/punk band BROKEN BONES is a true legend in the Underground circles.Created back in 1983,this band has released some really cult pieces such as the debut “Dem Bones” from 1984 and the single “Seeing Through My Eyes” from 1985 (the song “Seeing Through My Eyes” was covered by BENEDICTION on their latest CD “Killing Music”). In 2010 BROKEN BONES release their first album since 2004 titled “Fuck You And All You Stand For”.This record offers 15 pissed-off,angry and socially-awared punk/thrash.BROKEN BONES are not exactly crust band but they sound aggressive and heavy although their guitar riffs are 100% punk.Great smashing tracks in this record are “Enemy Within”,”Minimum Wage” and “Stop ‘Em Now”.Besides the new pieces there are four bonus tracks that are re-recorded old BROKEN BONES classics.Not everything in “Fuck You And All You Stand For” is perfect but if you like the sound of DISCHARGE or G.B.H.,this album will definitely appeal to you!


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