BORN BROKEN – ” The Healing Powers Of Hate “

Self Released – 2013 – Canada

The Canadians BORN BROKEN recently released their debut cd “The Healing Powers Of Hate“ in in-house production.

You can’t pigeon-hole BORN BROKEN musically. This becomes clear from the first note on. A mixture of Death Metal and Thrash Metal with Crossover/Nu Metal elements is perhaps the best description. The severity of bands like PANTERA becomes distinct by powerful, partially brokenly riffs. These are diversified and thrill the listener. Vigorous doubleblast drumming and forceful bass lines build the musical base frame of BORN BROKEN. The ear-piercing screaming vocals of vocalist Matt Bailie does one last thing to work out and to manifest hardness and aggressiveness of the production. Melodic insertions indeed relax “The Healing Powers Of Hate“ a little bit, but it doesn’t harm to the vitality and self-assertion. You can literally feel the hate which oozes out of all corners of the cd. BORN BROKEN created a very lively and diversified cd which sounds very modern and fresh. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears. Who is into modern, hard Metal can grab unhesitatingly at BORN BROKEN!!!!

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