BLUT AUS NORD ”777 Cosmosophy”

Seasons Of Mist – 2012 – France

This album is the closing album of the trilogy that Blut Aus Nord started last year with “777 The Desanctification” and continued with “777 Sect(s)” this year. The songs here on this album also don’t have any name like on the previous albums; they are just called “Epitome” with the numbers from 14 to 18. All of them here are very slow with a certain feeling of loneliness. They are not only made in the Metal vein, they also have some elements which reminds me of the Ulver album “The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell”. These Industrial elements here are not my cup of tea and sometimes they don’t fit that well for my taste. Another problem for me is that there are not many changes in the speed of the music and that the songs are too long for something like this. The songs here are between 9 and 11 minutes long and when you listen to such an album, it might get boring. Maybe the best way to listen to this album is to listen to it one track at a time and not the entire album at once. If you listen to this album this way, than you can find something interesting here and you will start like me to like some of the songs. My personal favorite song here is “Epitome XVI”. I can’t really tell you why I like this song more than the other because they sound very similar to each others, but if I had to choose one song from this album, than it is that one. Maybe it is because this is the song which has the most Metal elements in it and it reminds me sometimes to some old Tiamat. Personally, I don’t get this album very well because it sounds way different from that that I listen to. Another problem for me is that this album can get very hard and I am sure that many people out there will agree with me on this. But I am also sure that this album will have some fans who will like this one like no other.


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