BLUNT KNIFE IDOL ”Greed Heritage”

Home Production – 2015 – The Netherlands

The Dutch BLUNT KNIFE IDOL are only since last year together as a band. This year in May they put their debut CD “Greed Heritage“ in in-house production on the market.
The gents doesn’t promise too much. The listener is presented unblemished Grindcore. Loud, aggressive and fast, the way it should be. The pitch-black growls of Herrie do yet one last thing that the sympathetic listener goes into raptures. Conscious simple kept riffs which come in with an inceredible fast drumming cater for the necessary pressure and hardness. Straight and without any detours in the listeners’ face! The sympathetic fan can headbang and indulge here. Very ambitious recorded you should take “Greed Heritage“ to heart by all means!!!!


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