Self-released – 2013 – Australia

Blunt Force Trauma is an Australian band founded in 2009 that plays a groove weighed down Metalcore with a far-fetched amount of melody and hard hitting heaviness molded to one force that hits you viciously without much concern and their EP ‘Beyond’ is a true testament of what is explained above.

The EP Started ‘Whore of Eden’ is a relentlessly powerful and punishing track with a nice diminutive chorus punch line that is sure to establish itself as one of Blunt Force Trauma’s epitome track. It’s quite astounding to see the band taking a more melodic approach with their next tracks Meat Puzzle and Defiance. Meat Puzzle is an outright groovy track with mind-boggling melody line but with, keeping, that heaviness intact. A great vocal display and superbly structured song; Addictive, it could turn into with few listen. The follow up track Defiance takes it from where the Meat Puzzle lefts off. Starts off brilliantly with placid guitar plucking and with merely 30 seconds into the songs you know you are in for a feral joy ride, that anticipation soon pays off as soon as you hear that rumbling drum assault. Eulogy is perhaps the fastest and heaviest track in the EP, a solid way to end the 19 minutes of mammoth Trauma.

‘Beyond’ is an incredibly well produced EP and BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA impresses heavily with its brand of genre that mixes melody, groove and the unrelenting heaviness. You won’t find cheesy break downs every two second just for the sake of being a Metalcore band or those tiring blast beats from start to finish just for sounding heavy. They have succeeded, in great deal, to deliver their own brand of metal and proved that they are a great prospect for the time to come. This band should be making great headlines pretty soon and I really hope they do.



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