BLUDVERA ”Demo 2010”

Demo – 2010 – England

I discovered this Liverpool based band while I was hanging on Metal Archives forums. Band’s genre is thrash metal, but don’t expect too much thrash. But, that doesn’t mean that the band isn’t good. I can say that style is more similar to the bands like Overkill, Annihilator, Tankard and other bands who have thin vocals. I should say that they recorded a quality demo.

They have 4 songs and aproximately 18 minutes. Solos, drum fills, vocalist’s voice, transition from high-pitched to low-pitched and from low-pitched to high-pitched are really good. But I think there is a mistake on mixing or they wanted it to be that way, bass is too dominant, and it supressed the drums sometimes. It is normal to make such mistakes if you are recording a demo, but like I said, it might not be a mistake, but a wish to be done.

Intro of Tools of Bloodshed reminded me a song of Metallica, I don’t remember the song, because I haven’t listened to Metallica for a long time. But if I’m not wrong, it is “Ride The Lightning”, just the intro. Vocalist has a good voice. I think if they give up on special effects, it would be better for the band. Sometimes these effects make it harder to understand what vocalist is singing.

There is no album cover as it is a demo, just their logo on a black background. It is short but successful demo. If they publish it physically, I may get it. You can listen to this demo on their MySpace page.


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