BLOODY TYRANT ”The Overture Of Sun, Moon, Lake”

Eigenproduktion – 2012 – Taiwan

BLOODY TYRANT are heard from again. Recently the guys from Taiwan published their latest 4-track opus “The Overture Of Sun, Moon, Lake“ in in-house production.

The production starts very laid-back and spheric. With birds’ twittering and keyboards “The Last Legacy“ gets along without any vocals and acts alone by the music. But the following song “The Tribe Of Mist“ completely relativises this impression. Melodic Black Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. It develop gloomy songs with much melodies aggressive and powerful. Synthesizer enter a deadly symbiosis with melodic Black Metal riffs which are also allowed to space out into Death Metal realms. It develop very independent song structures which are sustainable and innovative. But BLOODY TYRANT never lose sight of their original aim. The powerful but always kept in the background drumming also give the main points. The partly used clean vocals remind of bands like BORKNAGAR without imitating. The songs gain momentum by the variable use of growls and clean vocals which are becoming them. The partly extensive riffs with much melody and heart’s blood give the total production its musical frame. BLOODY TYRANT manage it with “The Overture Of Sun, Moon, Lake“ to skilful combine the hardness and darkness of the Black Metal with melodic sound frameworks. It came out a Black Metal cd which are in contrast to the ordinary Black Metal mishmash. Check out BLOODY TYRANT. It’s worth it!!!!

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