BLOODMOON ”Remnants Of Dusk”

Eigenproduktion – 2012 – Canada

The Canadian Siderum released in May 2012 with his project BLOODMOON his opus “Remnants Of Dusk“ in in-house production.

“Remnants Of Dusk“ starts with extremely spheric and kept simple synthesizer sounds. These develop its impact without any further instruments or vocals. The listener is carried away in a dream world. This silence and relaxation is however only the calm before the storm. Starting from “The Seige Of Nazareth“ BLODDMOON goes flat out! Pitch-black Black Metal how it can’t be even blacker is now the topic. Icecold sound frameworks which are in addiiton reinforced by a powerful, aggressive drumming. Therby it may definitely happen that the songs which move in the upper mid tempo area are temporary replaced by slower passages. With each tone of his music Siderum presents here Old School Black Metal. Typical Black Metal riffs as well as the dark, emphatic growls constitute the base frame of “Remnants Of Dusk“. Darkness and infinite hate broaden and can’t get out of the listeners’ head. The song “Eyes Of The Fallen“ gets at it completely out of line. It comes in without any vocals, completely acoustic and played slow. But this is not the only excursion into spheric realms how the song “Depths Of Perpetuating Unending“ proves. Thus the cd receives a complete different complexion and shows the multifactedness of “Remnants Of Dusk“. Nevertheless the production is kept very raw and primordial which additionally reinforces the impression of darkness and hopelessness. You should take time for this cd by all means and give BLOODMOON without fail a chance . It’s worth it!!!

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