BLOODBEAST ”Out For Blood”

BLOODBEAST are fom South Africa. In December 2014 they released their already second cd which is called “Out For Blood“ in in-house production.
You can hear here Death Metal at its best. Dark, hard and of unbridled energy. The partially extensive solis bring along a sound portion of freshness in the form of Thrash Metal riffs which do the production good. The all in all ten songs literally brim over with intensity and hardness. Thereby develops a very energetic mixture which thrills the listener. Here is sowith headbanging non-stop the order of the day! Vibrating, screaming guitars together with Death Metal base frames and a strong-willed drumming result in the independent sound of BLOODBEAST. Diversified and never getting boring you can pick out in each note the adept musiscians. The dark growls of vocalist and guitarist Van666 still do one last thing. Targeted and with much blood, sweat and tears recorded I can only recommend “Out For Blood“ to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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